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Is your organization looking for fundraising ideas?

  Please read below and see how a Bowl-a-thon can raise money for your cause.  Remember, the weather is always great for bowling and we have all the equipment. 

Call Laurie or Kim at 284-7386 for more information or to schedule your fundraiser today! 


Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas



Looking for an easy, profitable and FUN way to raise money for your organization?  Look no more ~ Vacationland Bowling Center is the perfect spot and we will work with you to design a program that makes sense for your group.

Our rates are lowest during May, June and the early fall months.  So if you are able to schedule your fundraiser during these times, you will be able to maximize your profits.

We can provide pledge sheets as well as ideas for different fundraising programs.

Below are some examples of ways to structure your fundraiser.  All prices, etc... are only examples.  Please give us a call at 284-7386 for rate info. and availability and ask for Kim, Laurie or Claire.  We look forward to helping you plan a profitable and FUN fundraiser for your organization!

 BOWL-A-THON: Recruit people to bowl in a special event.  Each bowler would solicit pledges based on the total number of pins the bowler knocked down during the event, or by soliciting a dollar amount per game bowled.  EXAMPLE:  If the average score bowled is 70 and the average pledge is .02 per pin: 70 pins x 3 games = 210 x .02 per pin = $4.20 per pledge.  If each bowler has 10 pledges then each earns $42.00.  If 30 bowlers participated, your group would earn $1,260 minus $180.00 (a $6.00 per person fee paid to us to cover bowling cost).  Total proceeds of $1,080.00 !

 "SELL-A-PARTY": Your group sells tickets to a bowling party which includes 2 games of bowling.  You determine the ticket price.  Your group receives the portion of the ticket sales that is added over and above our fee.  EXAMPLE:  100 tickets are sold at $12.00 each.  We agree to a fee of $6.00 per person for bowling and shoe rental.  If 80 people attend, you keep $480.00 (80 x $6.00).  You also keep proceeds for those who buy a ticket, but do not attend, or $240.00 (20 x $12.00).  Total proceeds = $720.00!

Corporate Lane Sales: Ask businesses in your area to sponsor a lane for a tax deductible contribution of $100, $200, or even $500 per lane.  Each lane purchased will accomodate up to 6 people for a special party to include 2 games of bowling.  EXAMPLE:  20 lanes sold at $200 each equals $4000.00.  Subtract a $60 per lane bowling fee ($60 x 20 = $1200).  Total proceeds = $2,800.00 !

 LEAGUE REBATE:  Form a short session fun league.  Along with the weekly bowling fees, your league members would pay an additional $2.00 each week plus any fees for prize monies or an end-of-season league party.  The additional $2.00 would go toward your charity fund.  EXAMPLE:  10 teams of 4 bowlers for 18 weeks.  40 bowlers x $2.00 x 18 weeks = $1,440.00 for your charity fund !

CELEBRITY BOWLING: Find a local celebrity to donate his/her time for an afternoon (day/evening) of bowling.  Guests who attend pay a fee to bowl which includes their bowling fees, in order to recreate with the celebrity.  Plan this during May, June or early fall months and negotiate a low fee for the bowling.  You keep the balance for your charity.  EXAMPLE:  100 people pay $20.00 each to bowl 2 games with the celebrity (100 x $20.00 = $2,000.00).  If the bowling fee is $6.00 per person, this would leave $14.00 which you would receive per person to benefit your organization.  Total proceeds = (100 x $14.00 = $1,400.00) !

So why look any further for the perfect fundraising idea?  We have plenty of parking, are conveniently located on Route 1 in Saco and the weather is never a factor.  Bowling is great exercise and everyone can bowl!!!!  We are handicapped accessible too!

Call Kim, Laurie or Claire at 284-7386 for rates and availability! !

We look forward to working with you.